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Max Brand date: 12/07/2016
Max Brand
date: 12/07/2016

Max Brand My Story:

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Most of my life has been in the petroleum, plastic, natural gas, synthetic, FIBERS waste water and other fields. There are a lot of stories I could tell about these many activities. Engineering activities in the field are normally project to project. This can mean lots of. Job locations can be all over the world. The internet has solved a number of problems for this industry.

An engineering company could be in one location and the job location any where in the world. Thanks to and instant delivery of plans, revisions, updates,  photo’s and videos of the project. Then in 2009 the many engineering projects were either placed on hold, or were cancelled.

Things picked up for a while and in 2011. 2015 brought a slow down, but crashed in 2016 with the fall of oil prices falling from $100 per barrel to less than $40 per barrel almost over night. The effect has been a downsizing of most engineering companies in the petroleum business and the oil companies too.

I live in Houston, Texas, USA. The loss of jobs in the oil and gas industry have had a profound effect on the Houston economy in particular. A number of high end buildings have been built, or under construction. You know there is a problem  when they offer 3 months free rent to promote their property.

In Houston, we have a great medical center, that offers world class care in many fields. This has become the mainstay of our economy with the oil “bust”.

My plan is to help as many people that have been affected by the “Oil Bust” to be able to find Financial Freedom” with the products and training found with GVO, Pure Leverage and the “Fan Page System”.

Most of the people in this group are computer “savvy. LinkedIN is the normal location to find this group. They don’t believe they can on. At this point in time, people may be interested in researching the programs we have  I have been on LinkedIN for a number of years. They might listen to me, since I know what they have been going through. With the “Fan Page System, they can test it out for free .

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